June 30, 2003
Morning Reads

Referenced in the Python-Url weekly mail, here's a nice entry point into a discussion of CR v LF v CR/LF line encodings, with the requisite "it was a teletype, not a typewriter" element, and the "what could go wrong when you did it wrong on the teletype" (as we all inevitably did) bit as well.

Tim O. speaks out and responds about Apple (and notably Jobs) as innovator and corporate mover. And am I missing any TB autodiscovery RDF in their weblog headers, or is it there and I just can't see (they do provide a handy link). More on the discussion after I've digested it (and David Coursey's "maybe too little too late, but maybe it isn't" piece in today's Anchordesk).

NP: Sehnsucht from the album "Art Of The Trio 4 : Back At The Vanguard" by Brad Mehldau

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June 27, 2003
On the Ground Report

Thomas Noe (presumably no relation to Tim Noe of LaTent Chaos, other IN bands and BirdBrain - there are more Noe's than I expected in this world) logs in with a first report from the Apple Store opening here in Chicago, as well as a comment to the previous entry here.

And no drinks in the cafe? Surely that can be changed...

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An hour later...

And the line is STILL wrapping around the block. Crowd control,

Alas, the trek will wait for another day.

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Apple Store I

So when one works and can't get to the Grand Opening before 5pm, one
can't get a place in the line that isn't - literally - 270 degrees
around the block from the store.

As a keener, disappointed. As a shareholder, heartened.

Peeking in the windows, it looks very nice - more news when we go back
after an hour or so.

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June 26, 2003
Cheap Trick?


Sneak Preview of the intersection of geekyness, consumption and commerce as destination.

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Tiki Test

This image was initially posted with the iPhoto --> Blog tool referenced below. Keen.

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Also Cool

What do you get when Friendster meets TouchGraph?

A fun bouncy applet, that's what.

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Ah, services

OK, this is kinda cool, in a small bits conglomerated, the OS should chit chat with itself intelligently, kind of way...

E.Sigler has put together an iPhoto --> Weblog service, built off Brent Simmons' kit (in part). Clever idea, indeed.

found via Ben.

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June 17, 2003
Listen Up CTA

Paul has put together an excellent proposal that the CTA could use to promote the more widespread adoption of the new Chicago Card.

I've held off on buying one for at least one of Paul's reasons - if I can't charge it up online, why bother? But his other suggestions are just as cogent (if somewhat deprivacy-izing, to coin a word).

Recommended if you live here in Chicago. And since I carry a Metrocard around - at least THEY take credit cards to recharge), maybe the MTA should give the ideas a listen as well. Some of them were in the original charter of their launch, if memory serves....

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Where's my camera

I really must find the camera for this sidekick again.

This morning, taking an earlier train to work, at 7am an old school hardcore kid, replete with 7" mohawk, got on at our regular stop.

The darndest thing...

And certainly better than the drunk broke-dude I rode home with last night after the chicago.pm meeting. Though come to think of it, Andy and I did talk about hiring oldschool punks after the meeting... Maybe it's the lattice again.

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Courtesy of Rheingold's Smart Mobs website, an interesting reference to Inexplicable Mobs, including a .ram of The Next Big Thing's coverage of one such event.

Inexplicable in this case means not being on what sounds like an ever expanding email tree for the announcements. Consider that both NPR and a (plugged in) author in CA got the announcements as did, in the case documented audiologically, another interested part.

That said...

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June 16, 2003
Lost Indiana

From the Yahoo "new sites that we find, or maybe are paid to find, we won't really tell you" email I receive each week comes this gem, Lost Indiana. It's a little Indy focussed, though it does spread out to the northern edges of the state.

Worth reviewing for any current or past denizens of IN, for sure.

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June 11, 2003
another DG Catchup

I see that Molly Steenson has posted her paper on imaginary architects --> blogs recently. Her talk was one of the ones I quite enjoyed at the DG conference a couple weeks ago.

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June 10, 2003
More trippage

When we were down in Bton, I got a chance to look at some fruit trees at the house. A few are actually bearing this year, including some berries

some pears

and some apples...

Just call me farmer lucky.

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June 09, 2003
Victory of Sorts

When we were in Bloomington this past weekend, down on Kirkwood, we noticed that along with the Village Deli remodeling (same menu, same somewhat baffled service, more room), they need to change their menu.

Thereon is the blurb

has been for the past few years. But that's going to have to change, because that place across the street

has now closed.

This is a minor victory for downtown Bloomington - albeit a pyrrhic one, since there's now one less public restroom for the skater kids, and the Starbucks, Urban Outfitters, et al. have established themselves elsewhere on the street...

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June 04, 2003
ECC Video!

ECC sent out a recent newsletter highlighting the new release and his upcoming tour.

And videos!

The video for the Whipped Cream Mix of Rebel Without a Pause even includes Anne's favorite...

Check out his sounds page for the details.

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June 03, 2003

James Gorman has an piece in today's NYT (reg required, etc) about mind-body connection, citing Damasio and the post-cartesian views of mind and body. Built around Tod Machover's work with musical instruments for children (and those like children), it's a nice morning piece indeed.

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You are number 6

At the Digital Genres conference, one of the refrains, in discussions by Jackson and Moore, as well as surely during the prior day during AKMA and Trevor discussions (though I missed that) about online identity.

If I understood Moore's case, as part of his discussion about branding and identity, that the name is the identifier in online world's.

This rubbed me a bit wrong, and in a pre-waking state this morning I remembered a phrase that I started using sometime in my teens. My name is not my person, it's only the way I am known by those who do not know me.

By which I mean to say, a name is only an introduction, identity - and how 'informed entities' online identify other informed entities is through everything that comes behind the name. So we have a name and a key - a small, almost insignificant bit of data that informs the name - providing just enough identity for a computer to authenticate or authorise us. Or we have a more significant bit of information, a physical key and a PIN to identify us in more important realms.

And when I see someone's writing or actions online, that provides yet more information for me - an aggregating and informed entity - to actually identify them by much more than their name.

That's what identity is, not just the name.

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June 02, 2003
DG redux (a)

I've got a summation percolating on Digital Genres, but in the meantime (courtesy JOHO), a "monk and elephant" view of the conference from Betsy Devine (and I mean that in a good way!).

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