May 19, 2002
Bundts Alive

The list is impressive, but what I really have to show for myself this weekend is a bundt cake.

Inspired by the cake at Pane e Ciocolato in New York, I went in search of the perfect chocolate bundt cake recipe. The unfortunately named "Chocolate Dump-It Cake" in last week's New York Times magazine pretty much fits the bill.

We both had our doubts about the frosting, though. Admittedly, melting Nestle's semisweet chips and stirring in sour cream sounds like a great idea. I would willingly eat spoonfuls of this daily. But it didn't quite work on the cake, for whatever reason.

Momentary perfection.

If all that chocolate weren't enough, we went up to Devon Avenue for our semiannual appearance at Sabri Nehari, a Pakistani restaurant. I'm always inspired after this to try to cook some of them, but surely it's more difficult than it looks. For future reference, though, here are some recipe sites:

I didn't like the black background and white type design here, but there's lots of recipes, including those for chutney.

Here's an actual Nehari recipe, plus lots of others.

It's not all about the meat, though. Here's a "lite site" and some vegetarian recipes.

Posted at May 19, 2002 11:19 AM

Had a piece of the bundt cake, but unfortunately it was too small to spend enough time in my mouth. Please send more 8-)

I also had mixed feelings about the icing ... finally established an acceptable ratio of cake to icing (i.e. lots of the former) in each forkful for it to work well.

Posted by: Vinod on May 20, 2002 02:04 PM

big donut... mmmmm

Posted by: mike on May 20, 2002 02:35 PM

I made this cake yesterday and had a hard time getting all those tiny white flour lumps out...didn't want to overbeat it either. And yes, you're right, the frosting did sound so much better than it turned out! But I didn't use chips, I used semi-sweet and bittersweet chocolate bars...maybe that was a problem?
But the cake was fine, nothing hugely special, but fine.

Posted by: Luisa on July 17, 2002 04:04 PM

I think I just liked it because it was a bundt. Fun to say, too. "Bundt." Enough!

Posted by: Anne on July 18, 2002 01:43 PM
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