June 30, 2003
Morning Reads

Referenced in the Python-Url weekly mail, here's a nice entry point into a discussion of CR v LF v CR/LF line encodings, with the requisite "it was a teletype, not a typewriter" element, and the "what could go wrong when you did it wrong on the teletype" (as we all inevitably did) bit as well.

Tim O. speaks out and responds about Apple (and notably Jobs) as innovator and corporate mover. And am I missing any TB autodiscovery RDF in their weblog headers, or is it there and I just can't see (they do provide a handy link). More on the discussion after I've digested it (and David Coursey's "maybe too little too late, but maybe it isn't" piece in today's Anchordesk).

NP: Sehnsucht from the album "Art Of The Trio 4 : Back At The Vanguard" by Brad Mehldau

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