June 17, 2003
Where's my camera

I really must find the camera for this sidekick again.

This morning, taking an earlier train to work, at 7am an old school hardcore kid, replete with 7" mohawk, got on at our regular stop.

The darndest thing...

And certainly better than the drunk broke-dude I rode home with last night after the chicago.pm meeting. Though come to think of it, Andy and I did talk about hiring oldschool punks after the meeting... Maybe it's the lattice again.

Posted by esinclai at June 17, 2003 08:28 AM |

I walked through your neighborhood this weekend. The Rockwell station wins the award for most adorable in the city, beating the Armitage stop on the Brown Line by a few points.

Posted by: brian on June 22, 2003 08:42 PM
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