July 18, 2002
For This, A Focus Group?

1. Last entry until around the 29th or so, after I return from CA.

2. Today's e-mail yields more fun with consulting groups: Deloitte Consulting, after the world's largest focus group, is renaming itself Braxton.

"Our choice of Braxton further demonstrates our willingness to break the mold," says a spokesman. OK, I can understand the appeal of a non-goofy name. But "Braxton" says absolutely nothing to me, except to remind me of jazz musician Anthony Braxton.

Read all about it here. There's also the obligatory annoying Flash presentation.

Oh well, no one ever said "Gartner" was such a great name, either.

3. Photo to contemplate during the pause:

Lincoln Park Zoo, July 2002

Posted at July 18, 2002 01:50 PM