June 19, 2002
Consultants and Bunnies

Last week PriceWaterhouseCoopers Consulting announced that it is changing its name. The new name?


According to a press release, the name change is part of an identity shift following the consulting group's separation from PWC "and to distinguish its management consulting and technology services from those of its competitors."

See the irritating Flash presentation "about" the name here.

On a related consulting note, I'm waiting for Deloitte Consulting to announce its new name as well. I received a e-mail message last month inviting my feedback in a Web survey DT's marketers described as "the largest focus group ever." Participants were invited to give input on the company's new name.

I took them up on it because I hoped the contest would be something fun--maybe stringing together some random letters and words ("E-Bunny Tomato" sounds like a fun name, or maybe lunch)--but they actually wanted real suggestions. I was not able to oblige, considering I had given it about 3 seconds of thought. I'm sure they'll be able to come up with embarassing things on their own.

Stay tuned. Or, depending on the quality of suggestions received, not.

Speaking of bunnies, here's a nice one I found on the Gold Coast last week.

And there's everyone's favorite Japanese bunny, Oolong. Have you checked in on Oolong lately? I thought not. Do it now!

And then it's off to North Lincoln avenue for Putt-putt at the Bunny Hutch.

Posted at June 19, 2002 09:21 PM