June 17, 2004

Water, Water, Everywhere

So the missus is out of town this week, leaving the Northern Garden in my trusteeship. Combined with a hearty work schedule (the same as has been in place for the past several months of joy and stress), necessary technology infrastructure repairs, and general running around.... It took until today to get the babies a fresh drink of Miracle-Gro fortified beverage.

Daily we've been threatened with a healthy rain, but all we've had is a couple too brief showers here. Infuriatingly brief, and all too enticing for the greenery, too.

So this evening I walked around for a half hour with the can, checking things out and providing sips. Everything seems to be holding up well enough, a little dry in spots but overall doing well. I'm sure AZ will have photos and a more complete progress report.

What struck me as I did this was how relaxing it was for me. A focussed task that took little more than concentration and care to accomplish. It brings to mind the zen practice of working meditation, where painstakingly the courtyard is swept foot by foot, the focus on the action, the breathing, but not the world.

Or to make an oblique reference.... Mind Like Water.

Posted at June 17, 2004 08:54 PM | Eric