May 24, 2004

Happy/Not Happy

Post-weekend update: Moved containers around to variously flank the three entrances to our building. Already, things look better.

Much rain here, so things look good, if a little battered.

A carton of caladium bulbs has arrived from my dad, so we will need to figure out where to put them. Dad is also fond of elephant ears and has sent me a coconut-sized bulb, much to E.'s dismay.

Happy: to see my cranesbill returning.

A start from a friend, this little plant has done well in the (largely ignored) back yard ivy bed, which is threatened this year by porch reconstruction. Perhaps I'll move it, or just cross fingers and hope for the best.

Unhappy: to find a gnawed-upon dead squirrel in the front yard.

Why god why?

Luckily, E. dispatched the casualty promptly.

He was much calmer than I would be. I like the outdoors, but the bared fangs of nature make me queasy.

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