December 29, 2003

I still can't bring myself to refer to it by the proper name SubEthaEdit. Cool provenance and all, I just keep thinking of the tool as Hydra.

Anyway, StevenF of Panic hosted a public document with SEE/Hydra recently, and logged the results and some thoughts on the matter. This mirrors the shared experiences at ETCon, but bears noting as a part of the larger conversation about collaborative editing.

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December 20, 2003

This flash video of Desperado is much better than it could have been.

When you read a summary that says "Desperado, with Monkeys" - one's expectations are somewhat..... diminished. This doesn't require that diminishment.

But it is..... curious.

(link from

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December 09, 2003
For review...

Today, Boxes and Arrows has a nice looking piece (which will require further review) on "Executive Information Systems" (aka "Executive Dashboards").

This on top of the piece I tracked back through references to last week about Paul Otlet (note use of PurpleSlurple!) reminds me that I really should add B&A to my regular reading list.....

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More vlog

After citing vogner, Trevor.Smith has now added an entry into the genre, more dog fun.

Though they are too circumspect to admit it, I suspect the cats are now hankering for a taste of the action. Action in their case being, well, 18 hours a day of sleeping. Interrupted by demands for food at 5am and then settling in for the daily newspaper read.

OK, maybe motion isn't required after all....

Deer, though. Now -that- is an entry...

(updated to correct trevor.smith url; thanks cdent!

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December 07, 2003
Theme song by Ernie!

Wacky UChicago hijinks in the forthcoming Ducky. Books, but no water.... How long can it survive?

Well, maybe forthcoming. Maybe our UChicago contact can investigate.

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Greg linked to it already, but this video (part of an ongoing weblog of videos, including a nice set about Joey Ramone) about snow in NYC is quite fun.

As a rule, I'm not a big fan of video or audio blogging; they take me out of the stream of context too easily. While some think enclosures to RSS 2.0 will ameliorate that, my judgment is out for the moment.... Not so much to debunk, but as to play and judge.

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December 05, 2003
RIAA Radar

A friend just pointed out RIAA Radar.

It's a searchable view into whether a particular artist / label / album is released by an RIAA member; if you're one of those thinking of avoiding RIAA support, this will prove a handy way to manage your purchases.

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December 02, 2003

Holy Moly! How could I have missed hearing about YA adaptation of Ulysses for the screen?!?

Per the Grauniad, US distribution is not lined up. But I expect this is a 113 minute experience I won't want to miss, at any rate.

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December 01, 2003

Earlier I rambled briefly about Brand and Kelly.

Today in my Wired feed, came a brief Q&A with Kevin Kelly, discussing his Cool Tools weblog. I'm a frequent hitter of that, though not an email subscriber.

In the interview, Kelly touches on the web and it's replacement of tools like Whole Earth Review. It's a valid point, but I think it needn't diminish the importance of CoEvolution Quarterly, WER, Signal, and the other experiments that have grown out of that time. While the products have, in some ways, moved beyond their origins, the deep influence, and likely deeper underpinnings, of those origins shouldn't be diminished. Cool Tools works in part because of the steady hand of the moderator/editor, much as the original FactSheet Five (the zine world analogue) worked because of the steady hand of Mike Gunderloy.

In my opinion really good weblogs get that self-effacing control, bad ones don't, even if that editor is the calm internal voice of the author to himself. ePinions, in part, failed because that control didn't stick in their community-moderation algorithm. And because, much as the WER folks found as time moved on, the monetization is hard.

Anyway, a recommended read for a Monday.

As an aside, for a research project, I've begun gathering old copies of WER and CoEvQ. I'm impressed by some of the prices they go for as collectors items - the issues with Crumb art seem to have some dealers in a lather of sticker-inflation at abebooks. It makes the process for me a bit slower, unless I can come upon a decent collection reasonably priced. But until then, all hail ebay!

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