October 26, 2003

Tim Bray has a very nice appreciation of Stewart Brand.

I'd second most all that is said there, particularly about appreciation. And I think if I had the opportunity to sit down with him, there'd be too many questions - such that the importance of a good editor might be the best middle ground (but who edited the Mother of all Demos, in which Stewart Brand played a part?)

I sat at a table at the less-hip but just (to me) as mind expanding ETCon last year with Kevin Kelly, a onetime editor of WER, and didn't get to say thanks either, for many the same reasons. This isn't the first time I've been too bashful to say thanks to those who have helped to move my thoughts forward (tongue tied when I met Woz, for example).

And I know all too well that they're just people, probably with as many quirks or reticences as I have. Doesn't help when you're combatting the vast swaths of memory and influence in your head....

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