July 31, 2006
BnG Crisis on the Horizon

We're saddened here at kj.com (albeit perhaps not entirely equally - the split is along a greasy line...) to learn from the H-T that Ladyman's is slated to close (this HT Blog entry has one bit of info, and this photo should be available to nonsubscribers... the full article is behind the subscriberwall, unfortunately).

Between the closing of Gib and Denzil's and now impending closure, Bloomington's rich diner tradition is slowly drawing to a close. The beneficiary - a more vibrant commercial downtown with higher-end businesses - is a blessing and cost.

Certainly the viability and improvement of downtown is to be enjoyed, as are the successful businesses which are placed there (at 150 employees, Finelight, rumored future tenants of the redevelopment (and crosslinked via employment with the developers, Heartland Development) are one of these). But it's sobering to see the drifting of the past when it happens.

To learn more about dining in Bloomington, keep your eye on Erik and Kira Eat Bloomington. But they better hurry up and get to the L's!

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