July 26, 2006

For reasons not fully explicable to myself, I found myself filled with a bit of bittersweetness when I read this morning on Chuq Von Rospach is resigning from Apple Computer. He's doing it properly (from an external perspective at least), and doing it for the right reasons, and for that I wish him well, in my small way.

I don't know Chuq from Adam, wouldn't know him if I ran into him on the street or in a hallway. I do know that he was one of those people that 'got email and usenet' and how some facets of online community could work for both dispersed and local teams. For what its worth, I identify (perhaps marginalize) him as 'the email list guy' at Apple (even if that isn't the case now), who managed their public facing mailing lists in a time when I didn't see many large companies making those open and available. For that, I think there's a subtle legacy left on Apple's public persona, which is a good thing; and set a standard for some corporate transparency (though, of course, Apple is anything but transparent on future elements, they have proven reasonably transparent (support discussion groups, open KB, more bug tracking openess than some, etc), which this was a part.

Of course, his post does leave me wondering what chatterbox is supposed to be.... Sounds appliance-y, and shiney.

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