March 13, 2006

I've had a too-long languishing project (as opposed to my less long but still languishing project to prune my ambition for projects) to try and analyze the lazyweb phenomenon from a data perspective - how useful has it been, does it work well enough (it is lazy after all) to, as we say in the US, work for the government?

Watching the feed over the last few weeks, I've been concerned, however, that lazyweb has gone fallow. Daily there are numerous spam hits muddying the data and free-riding off the lazyweb's august reputation.

Oh, the humanity, the tragedy. The need for a blacklist.

We've been fighting the spam wars here at, ourselves. MT 3.2 does a nicer job than the 2.6 by far, but the battle is ongoing. A pity, of course, one should even need such a battle.

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