March 11, 2006

There's lots of problems with podcasts, not least of which is the mixed demand on attention/promotion of distraction they can engender, and the time-commitment they impose. So I've been a bit more mercenary about pruning the podcasts I listen to to those I find entertainment and value in.

One that has survived the ongoing subscription and culling is J Scott Johnston's startup diary. I've only met Scott once, where we shared tales of divine Interventures and its precursors. He's been deep in startups for a while, and in his podcast he's been sharing what's happening with his current startup, Ookles (whatever it is - he's kept that close to his chest). But in his brief and intermittent postings he's shared everything from ideas on how to work remotely well, to iHop coffee, to data center wiring tips.

Part of the appeal is that this is distinctly old school podcasting - open up the mike and discuss your thoughts from an outline. It's raw, sometimes weakly level-balanced, but often entertaining. And they're always brief - 20 minutes or less, perfect for a commuter's "L" trip.

It may not be for everyone - Scott's got an entrepeneur's head, with the positive self-image to match. But it's worth a drop in to sample at least.

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