March 10, 2006
More on email management

Mark "Good Experience, GEL Conference" Hurst has published an iteration to his ongoing 'bit literacy' campaign, much of which surrounds proper email management. Most of his methodology will be familiar to those who have thought along the general GTD/43f lines - get the inbox to zero, move from the context of processing and organizing and 2 minute actions to the realm of organizing and then doing. It's hard boundaries in action.

Mark's using this in part to springboard promotion of his online task manager, Gootodo, but it worth recalling that he's had some longer expertise in the area - his pdf on Managing Email was last revised in 2003. He's put some thought and practice into this. Thus, though I may think he should devote more discussion on what a read/review vs an FYI is, this is a nitpick - the report remains, these years later, a worthy element in the conversation.

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