January 29, 2006
nearband backchannel

Following a series of links on a Wikipedia talk given at the OSAF back in August, I come across what looks to be a relative innovation in the field.

On a photo by Tantek Çelik of a slide, Elizabeth Lawley has provided some critique (as she also does another slide). This functions like a slow collaboration (or nearband) backchannel. Unlike a simple weblog post -about- a seminar presentation which is distinct from the presentation itself, this ties itself to the presentation in time, much as a backchannel commonly does. Some future means of tying this metadata to presentations outside of photos (perhaps a wiki meets S5 process) would be an interesting development.

The talk itself looks to have been fairly interesting. 90 servers back in August and from their posted information another 40 or so were ordered in the next quarter. Small wonder they're expending considerable effort in fundraising.

[ I got started from this image, as scriptingnews pointed out a Brand reference. And I left being impressed with the volume of Tantek's postings, but also the granular detail provided within the tagging (ccshirt, foocamptshirt, technoratisticker, etc) ]

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