January 28, 2006
Wireless Networking in the Developing World

Tim O'Reilly points to the existence of a new book, Wireless Networking in the Developing World, a free book released under a Creative Commons license, produced by Rob Flickenger and Tomas Krag. And of course, a wiki is available for discussion and errata.

I mention this here, rather than via del.icio.us, first as it may be of interest to a project a friend has been noodling on, but also because the essay itself goes on to explain some of ORA's goals with their licensing and remixing - there is an undercurrent of frustration with the takeup, but some justification that it does work in some instances.

Not having access to SafariU content, I do wonder - does it have the facilitative functions of transclusion and granular addressability? Would those indeed be critical to longterm success of such projects? Eric Armstrong has been arguing recently that such is the case, and he does make some good case examples. Perhaps he and Tim should have a chat.

[ Aside. I know it's really O'Reilly Media, not ORA any more. Old habits die hard, and I really wish they'd bring back the bookmarks! ]

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