January 16, 2006
on unsubscribing from the dsc

Way back in the day, when podcasting was young, one of the first podcasts I subscribed to was the Daily Source Code, Adam Curry's experiment on the wire. It could be a bit fulsome at times, but it was heartfelt most of the time.

At the time, the motto of the show was "users and developers partying together." As Adam was then in the process of getting his Applescript code incorporated into the then rough code of iPodder and iPodderX, there was a lot of give and take. Musings on what would work best for the growing userbase of both producers and consumers of the audio content that was a blip on the bandwidth counts of most ISPs.

Fast forward a number of months, and suddenly it has all changed. I find myself fast forwarding over Curry's declamations and samples of PodSafe Music (frankly, his tastes and mine barely overlap). He's constantly telling the audience of his now jetset, bi-continental PodShow driven lifestyle, which may be interesting in abstract terms but not something I need on a daily basis. And really, the killshot for me was that I grimace inside every time he performs a (non-funded, he'd maintain) placement for the Senseo coffeemaker.

So it's not in my subscription list. If anyone does hear Curry come back around to the old format, let me know - he's got a radio sensibility that, when not caught up in slickness, is engaging. Meanwhile, it may not be cool, but I'm happy with the WNYC, BBC and NPR feeds as the core (but not the all!) of my podcast feeds. I guess I'm just not Nü Media enough.

This decision is inspired in no small part by Merlin Mann's Modest Change "Cancel Something." I've done the low hanging fruit; now for some tougher things.

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