January 15, 2006
Link Capturing

Two links of interest today. As ...pickhits... is traveling, a bit brief.

I'm sorry not to have been able to make it to the WorldWide Newton Conference this time around, since it was stateside and not in Paris like it was last year. There was a demonstration of Paul Guyot's Einstein emulator running not on an OSX box, but on a Sharp Zaurus. It's a very clever and very cool hack, but it feels a bit like moving from one legacy hardware platform to another (though still with a very cool OS). Slides are available for the curious - I don't have the necessary hardware, so I can't comment beyond the overviews provided. Adam Tow does have a bunch of shots of WWNC in general.

Also across the transom came the GTDrawings site of Joan Mas. She makes nice pen and ink, and some color, illustrations of key watchwords and concepts from GTD. This seems to be a trend in general - now that Strunk and White has been illustrated, what's next?

There is a casual link between these two items, by the way. Also at WWNC 2006, Ronnie Simon provided a presentation on how to perform the actions of GTD and build a system using the Newton. I look forward to the slides on that one (if in no small part to see how contexts were handled, as they are not available in the native applications.

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