January 11, 2006
Skype and Doing

When I attended the Connect call last night, I finally took the opportunity to play around with SkypeOut, as semi-cents a minute of long distance is a much better rate than I get from either my mobile or landline telcos.

It worked remarkably well - I had a single drop out, which could have been at any point in the transaction, and just as likely to occur on my mobile phone during the 90 minutes the call took. There was a little latency echo, but not dramatic.

The one issue this does raise - if I were going to be doing this more regularly, a decent headset would help a lot. I know some of my distributed worker pals use this tech more than I do.... Any recommendations?

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Posted by esinclai at January 11, 2006 06:38 AM |

Don't get what I have, which not being with me right now I can't remember. Get what mml has, he seems satisfied. Maybe he'll see this.

You want something that's going to give you a real sense of "I'm in my headphones and can't hear other crap".

You need a mute button on the headset to compensate for apps or oses that don't have one handy.

Posted by: Chris Dent on January 11, 2006 10:32 AM
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