January 11, 2006
GTD Connect Notes

After attending the GTD RoadMap session here in Chicago (due to the then munificence of my employer) last October, I took a bit of a time gamble and signed up for the GTD Connect circle - basically a series of ongoing discussions furthering the work being done in the GTD seminar. In my thinking, it might be a nice complement to the other reading in personal improvement I do.

Last night I attended the first of the followup session teleconference calls, and took some notes. They are sketchy, but possibly useful to others. I've attached them as GTD Connect 20060110 (opml).

And so now I'm off to take the actions from the call - processing the notes further.

Update: after some discussion on the GTD list (and some well-placed and pointed counsel from my editor), I've also pulled together a dynamic HTML version thanks to OmniOutliner's export functionality.

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