September 01, 2005
Heartening in Small Steps

AZ and I have, like so many humans everywhere, been quite overwhelmed by the recent Hurricane and aftermath in the American SE. We're pleased to find out that so many of our friends are well, considering. Email, blogs and news, when it gets out, is passed around, sharing the news good and bad.

Stan, caretaker of the Southern Annex, has some heartening pieces recently. Apparently an effort to assist displaced students (and more assistance) from Tulane (and elsewhere?) is taking root at IU. It's the little things we can all do to help - money donated, hospital aid provided by those who can, and floors and couches in the region, that can get us through this.

Our government has a lot of lifting to do, but the collective shoulder does the heaviest social work most easily.

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Posted by esinclai at September 01, 2005 09:40 PM |

I was really glad when Surly told me about the extra effort that IU was giving these folks. Then I found out that MCCSC has also enrolled (when last I heard) somewhere around a dozen kids who came up this way from the areas Katrina destroyed. Other school districts in Indiana are also expediting enrollment and waiving a lot of the normal red tape.

In MCCSC's case, I know first hand how much red tape and generalized BS the Corp puts people through regarding enrollment and letting kids from other districts in. I was very happy to see that crap fall by the wayside to help these people.

Posted by: Rick on September 4, 2005 02:02 AM
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