October 04, 2004
more remix

On the heels of the Republican Convention (fear mix) video is the even more bandwidth friendly (but frankly less pointed and disturbing) Bush Debate Remix.

It's entertaining, but it's also cheap shots. Though often inarticulate or inexpressive of any internal questioning, piecing together the worst bits of his ~40 minutes of speaking into a ~4:54 audio track isn't entirely fair.

Well, actually, that's ~10%, isn't it, unless one performs deduping. Google, fetch me information on the percentage of any adult's vocabulary which is flavoring phonemes!

There's some belief (full article behind Nature's subscription wall, but summarized at yaelf.com that Uh and Um are more wordlike than not, and actually aid the comprehension of the listener... But no percentage listed there.

Any linguistics geeks in the audience? I've found various references that use large corpi of data, but I can't read the academic niche language to decipher if they approach my question...

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