October 01, 2004
Quick Pick Hits

Some quick pickhits from recent days, though not by any means a catchup for the missing weeks.

Andy Lester has a fliparound essay on Bush as Programming Project Leader up at OReillyNet. I'm not sure I buy all of it, but I do buy a lot of it.

Slacker out on Criterion Edition

I've been loading my iPod recently with bits and pieces from ITConversations and more recently with stuff dumping in from IPodderX (so RSS 2.0 Enclosures feeding from Curry et al). IPodderX has issues still - I'm not sure I would have made it a 1.0 just yet (for example, file management is still crufty, silent modifications to your crontab is a bit squicky, feedback and progress isn't very granular yet). Thanks to katkins for pointing my toward the tool.

Also on my iPod - the BBC's audio rendition of Vanity Fair. I mean, with Stephen Fry narrating, how could I pass?

And like everyone else, I'm reading 43Folders every day...

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