September 22, 2002
The Return of B&W

A few months ago, Anne introduced me to the Burke and Wells weblog. I think I've pieced together the story - a dot-com dropout couple take off and move to Paris, discovering and rediscovering life. It's a tale certain to inspire a certain amount of jealousy in a francophile (parisophile) such as myself.

Anyway, they recently took a hiatus - returning to the states to visit family and take a journey. But now they're back in la France, and the big new post (there've been a couple updates along te way is The Most Romantic Table in Paris. And it sounds like it is.

And more, it's food writing of that sort that makes me want to go there, that makes me imagine the tastes on the tongue, the wood of the table.

Recommended, highly.

Posted by esinclai at September 22, 2002 10:45 AM |

Surfing google to see who's linked to us, I come across your site. Very nice! Thanks for the kind words. Some other jokers on a bodybuilding site made fun of us but I try to pay it no mind.

I will keep up on your site in the future and we'll keep putting out the Paris-centric stories. Recently put up, our full QE2 experience.


Posted by: Burke on October 8, 2002 10:18 AM
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