September 21, 2002

So this morning I drop Anne off at the airport.... And as is my habit, I switch over to NPR on the drive back.

aside: Anne and I have an understanding about NPR and other discussion-oriented radio. She finds it makes her sleepy, I adore it.

Anyway, Scott Simon introduces a story about warchalking. I sighed, thinking it'll be another "those silly geeks" piece. And, I suppose, it was. But they had the foresight to use as their interviewee Aaron Swartz, who acquited himself well, explaining both the allure and the protection from the technique. I mean, if the housewife didn't want the hobo asking for stew, she could still lock the gate.

further aside: obligatory plug

Anyway, after the piece, I thought I'd go look at Aaron's log to see if his impressions had been posted yet. It's not responding, potentially DOS'd by a flood of NPR listeners looking for the warchalking site on the same host....

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