May 02, 2002
NYC - a boy's view

Anne has already written up some of the nice moments of our trip. Some additional reflections from me - the boy's view, if you will.

We did buy a ton o' books. A pre-release of the Weinberger book from the Strand, for example. Among other items:

  • Another history of Zine's and small press comics for ongoing project A.
  • A history of Pacifica radio.
  • A collection of Kokoschka portraits, purchased after the show at the Neue Gallerie.
  • A collection of Weimar Germany era journals by Count Harry Kassler
  • Two books from the Pollan edited Modern Library Garden Books series, including one by the Polish writer Karel Capek (author of RUR)
  • A collection of pieces from the Talk of the Town, signed by Lillian Ross.

As Anne said, it would appear that one can't buy books in Chicago; though we do. Oh, for a good personal catalog!

One of the other wonderful things we did was go to the exhibition of tapestries at the Met. Stunning large things, yet with a comlex density of image and language that is hard to convey in words. It's like if you took all the lingual and and referential depth of great writers and put it in woven form. Coincident with this I've been reading some Trollope. While in my 20th century prejudices led me to be skeptical, Trollope works nicely in multiple layerings of influences to his characters lives - and multiple layers of commentary and authorial intrusions in those lives.

Pushed over the edge to leap into this by PBS' The Way We Live Now, our Tivo then didn't manage to record the final episode. So now I have to work through the 800 page novel -- which we already own on our shelves...

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