March 18, 2006

We at have been blanketed with mailings and phone calls for the upcoming primary election. Our elected officials even call us, or at least, prerecorded messages do. I suppose it beats talking to them on the phone in person ("Honey? Dick Durbin's on the phone again." "Can he call back? It's dinner time."). At any rate, the primary is next week and it will be a relief, at least for a little while. This link is probably only of interest for those in the Chicagoland area, but the GB political columnist's endorsements for this year's primaries are entertaining.

And another thing, Ed. ... Your family has sick money. We're talking, you know, Giannoulias ducats. What the hell took you so long to go into your own kick? What's the fun of having millionaire outsider candidates if they're not going to spend their money like M.C. Hammer? Remember Blair Hull? Guy outspent all the other candidates by December. That was a millionaire candidate. And he didn't show himself standing in his cavernous Gold Coast loft apartment, either, by the way. What the hell was that!? It looked like you were filming your campaign commercial on the set of a '90s NBC sitcom. You might as well have put a bumper sticker across your chest that said, "My Track Lighting Cost More Than Your Roof."

Posted at March 18, 2006 04:17 PM