March 16, 2006

My train reading this week has been the latest issue of The Big Takeover, which includes a nice essay on the end of New Orleans. The essay isn't available online so here are a few supplementary links about the author, who it turns out used to be in '80s band Hugo Largo. He has had a varied career and continues in a "no-wave, krautrock, ambient and drone" band has some interesting (and sort of depressing) ideas about why aging college rockers will embrace "ambient music that has texture and tension and density of emotion and feel." See if you agree:

The most recent Moby CD is an ambient record. It's a great time because the original 1980s and 1990s college demographic is getting older. They never imagined that this would happen. They never imagined themselves getting older. They thought they'd be listening to cool music their whole lives. And they want to listen to cool music, but maybe they're not listening to the same kind of music they were listening to 20 years ago before they were married.

He also says my generation all drives Lexuses and should give props to Enya, so be advised. But he has a point. If I must choose between Moby and seeing the best minds of my generation destroyed by the ilk of, say, Norah Jones, I guess I know what I'd choose.

Posted at March 16, 2006 06:53 PM