March 01, 2006

E. has written about how much we enjoy the eVerse newsletter. He pointed me toward an interview with the editor recently. I note it here because it had a certain resonance this week:

In most cases one will find a number of aspiring authors who should simply be medicated. Others might do with a jab to the kidneys. Others would be better suited to a regular job in the suburbs. Some are charming but untalented. Some are moody and behave badly. This is because they are sociopaths. That is why they are writers. Charles Bukowski has a wonderful poem about a writer's conference in which he explains that once you take a writer's typewriter away all you are left with is the mess that got him or her writing in the first place.

For a while this magazine also covered music: see 2003 interviews with Yo La Tengo and I Am Kloot.

Posted at March 01, 2006 08:49 PM