February 26, 2006
Train in Vain

As E. has noted, this week marked the closing of our local el stop, as part of a four-year reconstruction project. Construction has started and the station will be torn down and, ostensibly, rebuilt to be better than before. Although not much of an inconvenience to us, the closing has meant a certain amount of change in the neighborhod already, as routes to work are switched, trains hover above our window on the closed part of the track, and strangers in CTA vests wander through the alleys. Oh, the fun has just begun! Here are a few pictures of our old stop...we miss it already.

Here, a neighborhood group gathers for one last train ride, prompting a security guard to materialize from nowhere and tell us off for taking pictures.

Getting ready for one final ride.

Posted at February 26, 2006 11:09 AM