June 01, 2004

There's a rash these days of people photographing and writing about their food. Not once in a while, but on a daily basis. I find this amazing, because the food tends to look pretty unappetizing after a while. You ate what?

On the professional side, the Guardian has a compendium of this kind of thing.

This site is fun, too.

I know I still haven't explained my loathing of spoons yet, and I promise I will eventually, but unfortunately, pudding is one of those foods, which I cautiously throw in the category as soup, that requires a spoon to make for easy consuming.

But first: True pudding should never be able to support a spoon like this. Where's Bill Cosby and a snack cups when I fucking need him. Dr. Huxstable! Where are yoooooooou!!!!!!


Posted at June 01, 2004 07:14 PM