May 26, 2004
That's My Dawg

KJ Productions is going on vacation. Back next week.

Obligatory Chicago dining landmark photo follows:

Much has been written about the food, and while I would not hesitate to dwell on the merits of their milkshakes, I was more interested in the thankless job of the parking lot facilitator, whom we observed in action. He was always smiling and seemed to genuinely enjoy the job, much of which consisted in bawling mind-boggling driving directions such as "Brown Chevy, please back up onto the sidewalk!" The key, I guess, is good humor, so that no one tries to run you down.

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Posted at May 26, 2004 06:36 PM

I have an S.D. napkin scanned but no anecdote has yet arrived in my mind.

Posted by: mike whybark on May 26, 2004 10:09 PM
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