July 31, 2002
Evil Petting Zoo

Evil is getting a lot of press these days.

It's happening at the high governmental levels; our president has famously referred to the "axis of evil" which somehow represents entire nations. And of course it happens at the pop culture levels, my favorite example being the famous "Austin Powers" line "An evil petting zoo?"

I don't really regard evil as a thing or a person (or a country), but more as a substance. It's in the air, an invisible but slimy substance. If it's a particularly bad day, the evilness may be washing up around you, leaving a sticky gray film. It's on your shoes and on your pants legs. It's leaving behind effluvia (bits of trash, old tires, etc.) on the floor. Watch your step!

Evil is grotty, my friends.

I try to combat evil with many things. Mini-Oreos are often useful. Efforts to mentally sandbag can work, although the barricades have to be in good shape and not worn down with wittering. Music is a good counter, too. Spiritualized hasn't been particularly helpful, but Sigur Ros is often a good choice. Evil doesn't understand the words, and it gets flummoxed and goes away, muttering.

Occasionally you get a break. Sometimes evil takes a holiday (like death). Or maybe it just goes to a trade show and hawks Evil Tote Bags.

And on those days, you put up your feet and pass the strawberry sorbet.

Posted at July 31, 2002 07:28 PM