June 22, 2002
Thing I Wish I Hadn't Said on the Internet

Everything you say lives on forever on the Internet. For some time I ignored this reality, but it's true. Everything you write--from incoherent college-student rants to posts to work-related listservs--will live on thanks to spiders and search engines. I haven't said that many embarassing things, but from time to time it may be necessary to recant.

For instance, in the spring of April 1994 I wrote that a Bloomington, IN-located "alternative" event (Culture Shock) featured a dwarf toss. The original piece was in the long-gone Indie-List Digest, which Eric and I edited and which apparently no longer exists online anymore. It got picked up by a Yo La Tengo fanzine and now lives on in perpetuity. I was once even contacted by a person from Europe who was researching dwarf tossing who wanted to get some details.

OK, people, it wasn't real! I made it up. I do not endorse tossing people of any size. Culture Shock featured many things--garage bands, disengaged hippies, hacky sack, and mud--but it did not feature a dwarf toss.


Eric and Sean, where are the I-L archives now? Despite my above rant on my past coming back to haunt me, I think we should bring them back, wherever they are. Read a few issues of the I-L's infrequently published little sister, Telegraph e-Zine, here. Not a complete set, either, but better than nothing for your early to mid-90s nostalgia. (Hey. Remember the '90s?)

Posted at June 22, 2002 07:22 AM

The I-L, FB, and Telegraph archives are indeed online still, but the bloofga.org domain seems ker-messed-up still (transfer from the much missed tezcat are a challenge). You can find it at


if you really want it (note that this is on port 81, not all firewalls will like that).

Posted by: Eric Sinclair on June 22, 2002 10:32 AM
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