Hi and welcome to our WQAX home page!

We guessed that you might have some questions. So we've asked them for you:

What is WQAX?

WQAX was a cable FM radio station in Bloomington, Indiana, from 1973 to 1993. The station was free-form and volunteer-driven. It offered Indiana University students, wanna-be DJs, music maniacs, and local eccentrics a way to learn about radio. And it added, for a defined period of time, a yet-to-be duplicated brand of insanity to the local landscape.

What happened to the station?

In 1993, the station was forced to close for want of money (or, some have maintained, taken an extended hiatus). Most of its music library and equipment were dispersed. Its members, who over the years numbered in the hundreds, likewise scattered.

Why a Web site now?

The creators of this Web site want to give WQAX a virtual home. In many ways, radio (like the Internet, now that I mention it) is ephemeral. But there are a lot of souvenirs that remain-just ask us, we've got a ton of them in our storage space! We wanted to make a place where former WQAX members could share their remembrances and reconnect with each other. We also wanted a place to share some of the effluvia that we've collected over the years.

What's here?

Glad you asked! Some of the things we plan to feature include:

What can I do to help?

We can certainly use all the help we can get. Drop Eric a line at esinclai@pobox.com if you feel you have documents, stories, contacts, clues or ideas.

Who are you, anyway?

Kitty Joyce Productions is Anne Zender and Eric Sinclair, former WQAX members and collectors of stuff. Kitty Joyce, by the way, is one of our cats.