June 28, 2004


Summer is well under way now and so we've hit the sidewalks in search of garden walks.

Two weeks ago we spent a Saturday in the posh part of town. It was a nice walk, but a little strange to creep around many largely silent houses, with perfectly manicured gardens you wouldn't want to disturb. Even worse, though, were the people who had invited large numbers of friends to drink beer and hang around the garden, so that a circle of startled faces looked up every time we entered a new yard. Mmm, friendly!

Yesterday we stayed in the neighborhood and had a much friendlier experience. Met many of our neighbors, including a lovely couple who offered us lemonade and talked to us about bamboo.

One of them swore it will grow in this climate, in any conditions. If true, this could be a solution to the dark spot between our building and the neighbor's house, a nightmare passageway full of broken glass currently. Here's a link on bamboo gardening from, of all places, MSNBC.

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