May 16, 2004

Garden Walks

Clearly, reading the Internet and magazines is only going to get me so far on the learning curve. So this summer I'll be hitting the garden walk circuit with a vengeance.

Even as a kid, I enjoyed going to this kind of event and getting a glimpse of how other people live. These days, when I'm in search of urban garden inspiration, there's nothing better than wandering around tony neighborhoods on a hot afternoon with digital camera and notebook, turning pale green with envy over other peoples' gardens, then retiring for a milkshake somewhere. I'd better tell E. to break in his sight-seeing boots!

Here's what I've found so far:

Old Town Garden Walks--self guided tours, June 12-13

Sheffield Garden Walks--July 17-18

Dearborn Garden Walk--July 18; Gold Coast living with a Gold Coast price
tag of $30-35

Wicker Park Garden Walk, June 27; 25 gardens for $10. See how the hipsters grow!

And closer to home: Ravenswood Manor Garden Walk--June 27

More local info: Garden Clubs of Illinois

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