May 10, 2004

Every Passing Dot

The Blog Generation Takes Up Its Trowels

This article appeared last week and has garnered some comment for its unfortunate use of the term "blog generation." I am not nearly as troubled by this as I am by the implication that urban gardens exist only in New York and LA, but that's the NYT.

I did like what the article had to say, even if it's more about gardening than blogging.

Ms. Smith and her boyfriend, Derek Fagerstrom, 28, the editorial production director at Esquire magazine, have mapped out a border of annuals around the campground and recently planted a cherry tree in the yard. The appeal of gardening, Ms. Smith said, "is that your concerns are:`How will I stake my tomato plant? `How can I get these bugs to stop eating?' It's a total escape. You don't think about your e-mail or your job."

Many young gardeners say they are cultivating patience along with plants. "It's such an obvious antidote to multitasking, to sitting in front of a computer, to the complicatedness of our lives," said Amy Talkington, 32, a filmmaker who has planted a Japanese maple, lantana, verbena and jasmine outside the bungalow she rents in the Little Armenia section of Hollywood.

(Digression: In all honesty, I am not sure I would be part of the so-called "blog generation." I might be too old. For example, I can't believe no one has come up with this parody yet: I belong to the blog generation/I can post or delete it each time...Everybody sing!)

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