April 28, 2006

kj.com staff will be gallivanting over the next two weeks.

Look for us in various locales; a London geek dinner, chinscratching in the galleries, hanging with friends, visiting community gardens, sauntering along the Seine...

Get in touch if you're around those locales - we always need to feed!

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April 23, 2006
WIUX Redux

A few weeks ago, and sitting around for my posting since.... Gregory Beat dropped me a line to mention that he had referenced WQAX on a new page at Wikipedia for WIUX. Nice of him - and nice to see the classic WQAX logo there, too!

There's some references to WIUX in Bloomingpedia as well. Somewhere on my todo list should be building a WQAX page for that....

We had opportunity to tune into WIUX for a bit of driving during the great tree excavation planning of a few weeks ago. They're doing a fine job, and the youth of the producers of programming provides a nice additional voice to the community radiostream to complement WFIU and WFHB.

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April 20, 2006
Handy PalmOS lightweight Avantgo tip

Since my Treo meltdown and recovery, I've been distinctly chary about installing apps to it. One I've been doing without for a time is AvantGo.

Handily, I came across rim.avantgo.com today as a backdoor.. It mostly works in Blazer, though seems to have some issues with Salon authentication.

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April 19, 2006
Whip That Cream

I was disappointed that Tom Moon's review of the Herb Alpert remix project neglected to mention what I think of as the classic remix of Whipped Cream..., the one by the Evolution Control Committee which nicely combines PE + HA in Rebel Without a Pause. Mark's got it as a .ra file there (regularly broken), but an MP3 version appears available from pheezy at monkey.org.

Dig the proto mashup.

That said, the samples played from the Alpert remix didn't sound half bad... just slick.

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The Newsgator folks had an outage yesterday. Happily, Greg Reinacker has made opened up quickly regarding the background of his service's ordeal.

But while this was painful for us, it was painful for our users too. So I'm going to walk through what actually happened, in quite some detail, and why it took so long to come back online. And there are still a lot of questions here

Suggested reading for all of us who have to support users outside our data centers. Not only because Greg is open about what went wrong and how transparency about the problem actually engenders more trust on the part of our users, but also as a reminder that even as we cluster and failover, we can still occasionally experience a failure.

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April 05, 2006
Scratch Acid

The news came across the transom, and bouncing occurred. As part of the Hideout's 10th Anniversary celebration, and Touch and Go's 25th, none other than Scratch Acid will be performing a reunion gig. And some other little bands, like Ted Leo, Calexico, Shellac, &c.

This is huge. When I lived in Texas Scratch Acid were around, but I never got to see them. I got to see the followup band, Jesus Lizard, which was (as would be expected) excellent. But now, as I age, I get to relive some youth. Lovely.

Oh, if you get a ticket before me and I don't? You're off my list.

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April 03, 2006
SNN: Surly News Network

AZ and I are subscribed to the InstantUpdate service provided by the Surly News Network. This kicked into high gear last night, as the Southern Annex of KJ.com took a fairly direct hit from the storms which swept through the midwest. Some of the coverage is striking - see the before and afters here, for example. Note the presence of K for scale in one shot.

There's other coverage as well, of course. CNN covers the excitement in general, as does the Indianapolis Star. The H-T has a nice gallery you can get to for free, but everything else off the home page is inconveniently behind a paywall. But we're localists, and the southern annex is our chief concern, which SNN has been providing in spades.

Putting on the hat of the pundit, this is going to be a lengthy and difficult reconstruction, with the expenses appropriate to that assessment. But we have no loss of human life or limb, some minor structural risks, and a lot of potential firewood and mulch to contend with.

AZ and I will be making an onsite inspection (albeit without the Commander in Chief Members Only jacket) come the weekend, when work may already be underway.

Film at 11.

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