October 24, 2005

Beware the birds!

Amazing video for the Real Tuesday Weld by Steven Bodovsky. Housed at Rocketboom, but forward courtesy of Mr PF.


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October 20, 2005
Hoosier Hysteria

Two Indiana Music links came over the transom today (where transom = the Vulgar Boatmen mailing list....)

First, Musical Family Tree, who have been collecting the music of various Indiana musicians online (many fine downloads, histories, etc) will be having a Musical Family Tree Music Festival. Conveniently in two venues (India-noplace and Bloomington) over the weekend of November 10/11.

Secondly, from an archival perspective, Second Story is building a flyer archive of shows previously performed at that now venerable institution. One hopes they can get Ricky's Canteena shows into the mix as well. You can browse by year, but since directory browsing is on, you can also get to them directly.

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October 19, 2005
High Praise

Tonight coming home from work, I missed my L stop, not by one, but two stops.

Why? 'Cause I was listening to show #012 of 75 Minutes. In the mix is a track Serena-Manesh, a norwegian band which manages to bring back all the joy that was Shoegaze. Suddenly forced to listen to the track not once, nor twice, but three times in a row, I was transported back to my chagrin at missing by maybe a week MBV when they toured behind the Isn't Anything album, which my friend Dave declared at the time to be one of the loudest (and perhaps best) shows he'd seen.

The rest of the show is very kickass also - a great blend from Mike and Lyssa of WuTang+others, Gaunt, blippy disco remix, and more.

Damn but I miss doing radio....

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October 13, 2005

Inspired by a posting about who am i over at scripting news, I did a quick man read and playing around, only to be reminded of the humor sometimes buried in unix aliases and man pages.

who -m is the same as
who am i is the same as
who mom likes

(at least, on a debian sarge system - MacOSX 10.4.2 only supports the first two variants).

Each returns the current stdin user info of username, connected port/tty, and time of connection (and connected network address, if applicable).

whoami, the form I grew up with, appears to be a restricted subset that just returns the username for stdin.

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