January 28, 2002
Busdriver Stu

Every so often, I just want to respond to the world like our good friend Busdriver Stu has done. It just seems so, well.... right.

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So simple, so very very wrong

Sent by a friend... Bush Aerobics

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January 27, 2002
Ranking Online Library Science Programs

Library and Information Science programs seem to have taken to Distance Education in a bit way. US Nes has published a ranking of these programs.

Going online for an MLIS degree makes a log of sense, just as it would for MBA programs. Both of these are strong contenders for people hitting second careers, or career enhancement, rather than more common full-time graduate students pursuing coursework in the sciences or liberal arts. It's keen stuff.

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The Anxiety of Reading (and reading, and reading)

From the National Post (and courtesy New Breed Librarian, who likely found it elsewhere), a broad, and evocative, summation of there we sit now with "Reading anxiety".

This article takes on the anxiety many of us feel as readers that we read (and read and read) but never get to the bottom of the pile. In our own house, we've taken to building an 'in' pile of magazine, to try to corral those we want to get through. Some of them sit there still, in their polybags unopened, blowin-cards unmolested.

Admittedly it takes some concentration and discipline(do I want to watch this repeat of Frasier, when I haven't really enjoyed the show in years? Don't play solitaire on that palm, read the book in your bag!), but even that doesn't get quite enough time.

And this doesn't address is all the other things that come with a word-filled (or addled) life. What about the writing we want to do, those half-jotted unfinished paragraphs that hang around until forgotten. Is this an artifact of our overcommited life?

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January 25, 2002
More stuff

I have nothing to say and I can't stop saying it!

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First Post!

OK, ever log has a first entry, and I guess this is my first entry. I can't beleve I went through agony in choosing a software, though there are plenty to look over. But I settled for perl, rather than php.

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