April 30, 2001
This is really nice. A

This is really nice. A digested compilation of SGML and XML news, put together by Robin Cover. More than just a simple slurp of an RSS (though it publishes as such, and is thus accessible to Meerkat fans), Cover goes the extra mile and adds context to each digestation, with links to original and related sources. So, for example, the piece on the Common Profile for Instant Messaging has links to each of the component RFCs, RFC 2778 and 2779, and the IMPPWG pages as well. Definitely worth a spyonit.

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April 19, 2001
Crosslinking from blog to blog

Crosslinking from blog to blog may be a bit trite, but courtesy of Vaccuum (the email, not necessarily the blog) I came across InfoArk(ive) by George H Brett. It's interesting; he concentrates on tools that allow people to work together and manage information. There are some strong overlaps with collaboration (where Parlano) places itself, but there are some subtle distinctions as well to be teased out. Could be useful in bridging my thinking over to a more EIP like space.

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April 17, 2001
My man Kam forwarded along

My man Kam forwarded along a reference to this piece entitled "Beyond the Information Revolution" by Peter Drucker. It makes a good case for several things: that the information revolution may likely not play out the way people are expecting it to by tradition (in that the industrial revolution would have been impossible to chart the actual effects of, with the same difficulty as it takes to chart the ripples from an earthquake), and that the methodology used to inspire those of us caught up in the revolution may be failing. That latter case is preaching to the choir and a little 'new-economy' oriented (one hates to use a Peters phrase with Drucker), one supposes, but it can ring true in the chair with a keyboard afront it.

One issue Drucker raises that I found intriguing is that the actually revolutionary elements of the information revolution aren't happening, that the inventions aren't actually new, but reinventions (largely) of existing processes. Faster and potentially more accurate, but not new...

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April 15, 2001
The NYT had an interesting

The NYT had an interesting piece this morning, detailing the numbers and percentages of IPOs brought out by various underwriters, firms which are now under $1 or even delisted. It must have been a madness, as the rates of effectively failed IPOs spiked from about 1 percent to 12 percent in the most recently calculated period. It's tempting to say "what were we thinking," but we all know what we were thinking - that it seemed to good to be true, but worth a shot.

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An interesting article from perl.com

An interesting article from perl.com on a simple and quick and dirty Search Engine. Some of the techniques involved may prove useful when I finally get the cycles to update the Indie-List archives to reflect better organization. While vaguely navigable now, it's really far from ideal - I should show greater respect for the work of several years....