December 31, 2007
Popping the Stack I: Online Collaboration vs Travel

This was stuck in the queue for this space, popping the stack to bring it forward.

In the NYRB, Nicholas Kristoff says, poignantly:

Far too much aid money is spent financing conferences where experts gather to wring their hands. I once spoke to a UN conference on achieving millennium development goals, and as I looked out at the vast audience of aid workers gathered from around the world all I could think was: if only this conference had been canceled, the money could have gone to build schools and clinics, and then we'd be closer to achieving the millennium goals.

Nicholas D Kristoff, NYRB, 5 October 2006

What if more realistic collaboration solutions, designed for low-reliability networks, but with rich discursive features, could be put in play. Could they be developed and adopted cheaply enough to not just add money to the problems?

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