September 29, 2006
Musicians Need Money

From a mailing list, regarding monies potentially owed to artists via SoundExchange:

The link below takes you to a list containing the names of all reported featured recording
artists who stand to lose those royalties collected from services making digital transmissions
of copyrighted sound recordings pursuant to statutory license between February 1, 1996 and
March 31, 2000 and first distributed by SoundExchange in November of 2001, if they do not
register with SoundExchange by December 15, 2006. The following list is NOT the complete
list of all those featured artists that SoundExchange is searching for but rather only those
subject to lose royalties pursuant to Copyright Office regulations..

Some not insignificant artists, too. I mean, Ambrosia? CW McCall? Yello? Wu-Tang Clan? The Partridge Family? Enoch Light?

This is like those state owes you a tax refund lists....

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