March 17, 2006
Augment Screencast

I can count the number of people I know who have seen an Augment system in action on one hand; more like part of one hand... maybe 3 fingers tops.

Now that can end. Brad Neuberg has created a screencast of an Augment system through Augterm:

The screencast uses a Java terminal emulator to sign into Douglas Engelbart's last-existing copy of Augment, running on an emulated PDP-10. It shows the following features:

* An Introduction to Augment and it's user-interface
* Advanced hypertext features, viewing and browsing documents, and transforming documents using Augment's "ViewSpecs"
* Creating Augment documents and outlines and inserting links
* Using Augment email, conferencing, and more

The full screencast is about 15 minutes long; there is a user-interface to jump right to particular sections if you are interested in just some features.

'tis very cool, and well worth checking out. The audio tends on the quiet side, but without much strain you can begin to see the future creep past.

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