March 08, 2006
More on Hyperscope and the NSF

I got curious about the NSF backing of the Hyperscope project. Thanks to some searching, the abstract for the NSF Award presented itself.

This is only the abstract for the grant, but it provides a brief yet inspiring read. From the front, the work is all about bootstrapping existing information for the scientific community to better access, manipulate, and use. At the relatively low grant price (some organizations probably spend more on 2 advertisements in a newspaper), its a bargain for the scientific community, especially as the code becomes unlocked and available to the broader communities as well.

Particularly inspirational is that the Primary Investigator considers this still a beginning of research, some 40+ years since the clock started on his own beginning of the journey.

Some further information on the project goals has been posted in the Hyperscope blog.

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