March 04, 2006
Hyperscope Renewed

Brad Neuberg writes:

Today I start a new project with Douglas Engelbart, Eugene Kim, and Johnathan Cheyer, named Hyperscope; I'm deeply honored and humbled to be a member of this team. Hyperscope is a National Science Foundation funded project to rebuild portions of Douglas Engelbart's groundbreaking NLS system on the web.

In short, an open sourced rewrite of the Augment system inside a web framework

In this first six months, we will be creating the shell of the Augment UI, described above, including the hyperlink, jumping, and viewspec functionality. We will probably be doing this using AJAX and DHTML, possibly using the Dojo Toolkit, so you can run Augment right within your browser without downloading anything. In addition, there will be a server-side component, written in Java or Ruby, that the AJAX/DHTML component will interact with.


This entire project will be open source, released under the GPL, and will be done in the public.

Very cool. There's a wiki and mailing lists to follow, and Eugene Eric Kim is expecting to post audio of the weekly meetings with Engelbart and colleagues.

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