February 26, 2006
Pen Product Recommendation

A couple months ago, as part of my 'write more down' project, I rewarded myself by picking up a Namiki Vanishing Point fountain pen. These are very cool - they store the tip vertically behind a flap, rather than with a cap, so the pen access is fast and - relatively - safe.

However, once I finished using the included ink cartridge, I started to encounter problems. I was using the refillable cartridge with some Levenger house brand ink (I had a gift certificate and there's a Levenger outlet in the still-named-Marshall Field store near my office). Once I started using this, however, I began to experience some clogging of the fine tip of my pen; I could clean it every few days to recover, but it rapidly became annoying, and a part of my larger system had reduced in trust.

I changed last week to using Namiki brand ink, and the clogging has gone away. Consider this a consumer warning and/or recommendation.

Posted by esinclai at February 26, 2006 11:37 AM |
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