February 21, 2006

As mentioned previously, I've been going to the gym a bit of late, and the exercise and disconnecting is doing me some good.

However, I've been struggling a bit to readjust to the locker room. Gym, and locker rooms, were never kind to the scrawny teenager I was, and I have carried some of those reactions to the present day.

Quick observations from today's visit.

1) Those tattoos we all got? We still like them, but some need some touching up from, shall we say, canvas stretching.

2) I've noticed twice now gentlemen applying cologne to, to be delicate, rather personal areas normally shrouded in the locker room by a towel. Is this really done? Does anyone appreciate it? Truly?

3) Without fail, every half hour a phone in a locker will ring. There are some very nice ringtones out there, and some truly awful ones as well. Few benefit from the acoustics of a metal box (unlike, say PiL).

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